Indy Hoops Teams 2004 - 2005

 38 Communities from Central Indiana Represented

See the team registration form on the home page on how to reserve your spot.

Mail your team deposit or league fee to :

Indy Hoops, Inc.

 5696 Broyles Road

Avon, In 46123

If you have any questions call Indy Hoops at 317-745-7015

 PIF = Paid in Full         SR = Slot Reserved       DR = Deposit Received

No slot will be reserved without a deposit unless it's for an organization  







Brownsburg DR Indian Creek PIF 1 Brownsburg DR Avon Mustangs PIF
Center Grove Spartans PIF Brownsburg White DR 2 Lebanon PIF Brownsburg Black DR
Greenwood PIF Speedway DR 3 Avon Attack PIF Brownsburg White DR
Mooresville - PIF Mooresville - PIF 4 Mooresville PIF Speedway DR
Center Grove Terminators PIF Northview Black PIF 5 Zionsville  PIF Plainfield PIF
Hamilton SE Blue PIF Zionsville Green PIF 6 Center Grove Red PIF Center Grove Tide PIF
Hamilton SE Red PIF Hamilton SE Blue PIF 7 Decatur PIF Center Grove Heat PIF
Decatur PIF Hamilton SE Red PIF 8 Carmel Blue PIF Tri-West PIF
Carmel PIF Triton Central PIF 9 Carmel White PIF Center Grove Impact PIF
Ben Davis SR Beech Grove PIF 10 Ben Davis PIF Mooresville - PIF
Zionsville PIF Decatur PIF 11 Greencastle PIF North Putnam PIF
Perry Meridian PIF Carmel PIF 12 Edgewood PIF Hamilton SE Red PIF
Western Boone PIF Whiteland Blue PIF 13 Northview PIF Avon Black PIF
Lebanon PIF Northview Silver PIF 14 Westfield PIF Decatur PIF
Westfield PIF Perry Meridian Mustangs PIF 15 Martinsville Lil-Arties PIF Triton Central PIF
Avon PIF Greencastle PIF 16 Noblesville PIF Whiteland PIF
Martinsville Lil-Arties PIF Danville PIF 17 Plainfield PIF Danville PIF
Tri-West PIF Zionsville White PIF 18 Bedford North Law. PIF Edinburgh PIF
Edgewood PIF Noblesville PIF 19 Pike PIF Cascade PIF
Pike DR Monrovia PIF 20 Hamilton SE Blue PIF Westfield PIF
Full Edinburgh PIF 21 Full Whiteland - Sandlin PIF
  Cascade PIF 22   Indian Creek PIF
  Westfield PIF 23   Center Grove Titans PIF
  Avon PIF 24   Southwestern Shelby Co. PIF
  Martinsville Lil-Arties PIF 25   Full
  Whiteland White PIF 26    
  Plainfield PIF 27    
  Mt. Vernon PIF 28    
  Full 29    





Center Grove PIF Wood 1 Brownsburg DR Lebanon PIF
Brownsburg Purple DR 2 Center Grove Red Storm PIF Brownsburg Black DR
Brownsburg White DR 3 Center Grove Trojans PIF Whiteland Blue PIF
Speedway DR 4 Zionsville PIF Speedway DR
Zionsville PIF 5 Mooresville  PIF Indian Creek PIF
Mooresville  PIF 6 Hamilton SE Blue PIF Tri-West PIF
Whiteland PIF 7 Hamilton SE Red PIF Zionsville PIF
Beech Grove SR 8 Decatur PIF Mooresville - PIF
Decatur Blue  PIF 9 Carmel Blue PIF Greencastle PIF
Decatur Gold PIF 10 Carmel Gold PIF Hamilton SE Blue PIF
Ben Davis SR 11 Plainfield PIF Hamilton SE Red PIF
Center Grove PIF Crowder 12 Ben Davis PIF Decatur PIF
Center Grove PIF Bryant 13 Westfield PIF Carmel White PIF
Edgewood PIF 14 Avon PIF Perry Meridian PIF
Avon Black PIF 15

Noblesville PIF

Danville PIF
Avon Gold PIF 16

New Castle PIF

Edinburgh PIF
Martinsville Lil-Arties PIF 17

Franklin PIF

Westfield PIF
Martinsville Lil-Arties PIF 18

Pike DR

Avon PIF
Franklin PIF 19


Triton Central PIF
Tri-West PIF 20   Eastern Green Co. PIF
Greenwood-Ault PIF 21   Martinsville Lil-Arties PIF
Zionsville Brooks PIF 22   Whiteland White PIF
Cascade PIF 23   Southwestern Shelby Co. PIF
Triton Central PIF 24   Greenwood Elliott PIF
Plainfield 25  

Center Grove Express PIF

Ben Davis SR 26  

Greenwood Mitchell PIF

Perry Meridian PIF 27  

Brownsburg White

Greencastle PIF 28  

Mt. Vernon PIF

Full 29