Indy Hoops

7th & 8th League Rules 2016

Roster submitted to Indy Hoops by 2/10/16.

14 minute halves Stop clock on all whistles.

5 minute warm-up

3 minute half time

Overtime #1 2 minutes, Overtime #2 1 minute, Overtime #3 first basket

No full court press or half court trap with a 20 point lead.

Time Outs: 2 Full and 2 30 second

Running clock the last 2 minutes of the second half with a 20 point lead.

The team listed first or on top of the schedule is the home team and wears white.

Home team provides the scorekeeper and game ball.

Visitor team provides the clock operator.

Any player, coach or spectator that is ejected from a game is suspended for the next game. Cannot be in gym or the facility.