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Indy Hoops 2018 - 2019

Registration is open for the 2018-2019 Season

  Registration Form 

23rd Season of Indy Hoops Basketball

Sign up 4 or more teams @ one time before June 1st for $250/team plus insurance.

Sign up individual teams before June 1st for $275 plus insurance

"Basketball Done Right"

Game Dates 2018-2019


Teams Entered & Paid: Updated 2/9/18

  Carmel 17 teams,



Indy Hoops

2017 - 7th & 8th Grade Doubleheader League 

February 11,18 & 25, 2018


Week one schedules were posted @ 2:00 PM 2/5/18

Click on the Links below for Week #1 Schedules


Hamilton SE HS

Decatur Central HS 

Martinsville HS

Perry Meridian HS & MS

 Scores Posted @ 8:45 PM



Click on the Links below for Week #2 Schedules

Week 2 Schedules Posted at 9:00 PM on 2/12/18

Decatur Central

Carmel HS

Center Grove MS & HS





Click on the Links below for Week #3 Schedules


Decatur Central

Perry Meridian MS & 6th Grade Academy

Noblesville HS & Noblesville East MS



7th & 8th all School Team Tournament

Noblesville HS & East Middle School

Sunday March 4, 2018

Guaranteed 2 games

Each division will be limited to the first 16 teams that enter


Registration Form


Pike 7th




7th Grade

8th Grade

1 Avon Anderson
2 Carmel Gold Carmel Gold
3 Carmel Blue Carmel Blue
4 Carmel White Carmel White
5 Center Grove Red Center Grove
6 Center Grove White Danville
7 Danville Decatur Central
8 Decatur Central Fishers Red
9 Fishers Franklin Central Blue
10 Franklin Central Blue Franklin Central White
11 Franklin Central White Hamilton SE
12 Greenwood Martinsville
13 Hamilton SE New Palestine Red
14 Lebanon New Palestine White
15 Martinsville Noblesville Black
16 New Palestine Noblesville Gold
17 Noblesville Black North Central
18 Noblesville Gold Northview
19 Northview Perry Meridian
20 Perry Meridian Pike
21 Pike Roncalli Red
22 Roncalli Roncalli White
23 Terre Haute North Blue Terre Haute North
24 Terre Haute North Red Tri West
25 Tri West Westfield Gold
26 Whiteland Westfield Green
27 Zionsville Whiteland
28   Zionsville

Take one Team





Admissions: $6/person or $12/Immediate Family


7th & 8th Grade League Rules 2018




  Indy Hoops

22nd Annual Road to Championship Sunday

Week One 2/11/18 - 169 games

Week Two 2/18/18 - 48 Games

Week Three Championship Sunday 2/25/18 - 8 Games

All teams will play a minimum of one game in this Single Elimination Year End Indy Hoops Tournament



3A  3B  4A  4B  5A  5B  6A  6B  


2/18/18 Schedules were Posted @ 12 Noon on 2/12/18



3A Champion 3B Champion 4A Champion 4B Champion 5A Champion 5B Champion 6A Champion 6B Champion



Week #2Tournament Host Site Locations & Addresses


  Avon High School - 7575 East County Road 150 South, Avon - Enter Door #31

  Brownsburg High School - 1000 South Odell Street, Brownsburg - Enter at NE corner of School

  New Palestine High School - 4485 South Victory Drive, New Palestine



 Indiana Boys Basketball State Tournament



2017 Tournament Information Link


Go to the web site for contact and registration information






"12th Annual Super Shoot Out"


This is the Original "Super Shoot Out" Tournament


All Net Profits from Admissions & Concessions are being donated to the

Mary Lee Maier Community Pantry

Cash or check donations will be accepted at each concession stand



This Tournament is a US Amateur Basketball State Tournament Qualifier


Top 2 Teams in Each Division Qualify


Tournament Registration Form 


This Tournament will be limited to 59 teams


February 2, 3 & 4, 2018



3A Champion 3B Champion 4A Champion 4B Champion 5A Champion 5B Champion 6A Champion 6B Champion
Center Grove White Tri West Hamilton SE Blue Hamilton SE White Center Grove White Fishers White Carmel Blue Fishers White




3A Runner Up     4B Runner Up   5B Runner Up 6A Runner Up  




Zionsville Silver


Zionsville Silver


Avon White

Tri West



Click on the Picture to Enlarge


Teams Playing updated 12/11/17


This Tournament is Full


6A - 6 -  Avon Gold, Whiteland Blue, Fishers Red, Plainfield Red, Tri West, Carmel Blue  Full

6B - 8 - Danville, Avon White, Avon Black, Center Grove Red, Fishers White, Fishers Silver, HSE White, Plainfield White  Full

5A - 6 - Mooresville Blue, Avon Gold, Carmel Gold, Center Grove Red, Center Grove White, Fishers Red   Full

5B - 12 - Tri West, Danville Crimson, Danville Gray, Avon Black, Avon White, Fishers White, Hamilton Heights, Center Grove Black, Carmel Gray, HSE Silver, Carmel White,      

                Pendleton Heights  Full

4A - 8 - HSE Blue, Avon Gold, Carmel Blue, Center Grove Red, Fishers Red, Center Grove White, Lapel, Carmel Gold Full

4B - 8 - Tri West, , Danville, Fishers White, Avon Black, Center Grove Black, Zionsville Silver, HSE White, Cascade Full

3A - 5 - Zionsville Silver, Avon Gold, Center Grove White, Carmel Blue, Plainfield Red Full

3B - 6 - Tri West, Danville Crimson, Danville 2 Gray, Avon Black, Avon 2 Gold, Brownsburg White Full



   59 Teams entered as of 12/11/17



Doors will open 30 minutes prior to the first game of each day.


Friday, Saturday & Sunday Admissions: $5/Person, $10 Immediate Family, 6 & under free each day


All Games are being played at Avon Schools

Avon East & West Intermediate Schools 176 South Avon Avenue - Enter Door #21 on south side of the West Intermediate School for both schools

Avon South Middle School - 7199 East US Highway 36 (Rockville Road) Enter Door #14 on south side of building

Avon High School - 7575 East 150 South Enter Door #31 on west side of building


Pool Play Schedules Updated at  @ 10:20 PM on 2/2/18

3A  3B  4A  4B  5A  5B  6A  6B

Teams playing Pool Play on Friday evening will not play on Saturday.

All Pool Play games on Friday & Saturday will be played at Avon Middle School South and Avon Intermediate Schools East & West



Bracket Play Schedules Updated at  @ 9:15 PM on 2/4/18

3A  3B  4A  4B  5A  5B  6A  6B


All bracket play games will be on Sunday at Avon High School and Avon Intermediate Schools East & West


Tournament Rules 

Posted on 1/19/18





   Indy Hoops 

 Hoop It Up"


November 4 & 5 2017 @ Carmel High School


Tournament Registration Form


Updated - 10/31/17 @ 6:30 PM


6A - 6  Carmel Blue, Fishers Red, Carmel Gold, Whiteland Blue, Brownsburg, North Central Red Full

6B - 8  Tri West, Danville, Fishers Silver, Carmel Gray, Avon White, Speedway, Center Grove Red, Batesville  Full

5A - 8 Mooresville Blue, Greenfield, Fishers Red, Terre Haute South, Avon Gold, Carmel Blue, HSE Blue, Zionsville Green Full

5B - 10 HSE White, Danville Crimson, Danville Gray, Carmel Gray, Carmel White, Pendleton Heights, Martinsville, Hamilton Heights, Avon Black,

            HSE Silver Full         

4B - 8 Tri West, Monrovia, Lapel, Greencastle, Carmel White, Center Grove Black, Mooresville Gold, Brownsburg Black Full

3A - 5 Greenfield, Zionsville Silver, Brownsburg Purple, Carmel Gold, HSE Blue Full

3B - 9 Tri West, Danville 2 Gray, Danville Crimson, Carmel 2 Gold, Carmel 2 Blue, Carmel Gray, Brownsburg White, Fishers Red, Carmel White Full



Tournament Rules


Pool Play Schedules

                       6A   6B   5A   5B   4B   3A   3B Posted at 6:30 PM 10/31/17


Sunday Bracket Schedules Tournament Score Posted on 11/5/17 @ 10:20 PM

6A  6B  5A  5B  4B  3A  3B


Don't forget to refresh your browser!!


Enter Door #21 Only - NE Area of School


$5/Person, $10 Immediate Family, 6 and under free. Each day

Head Coach, One Assistant Coach and Players enter Free



6A Champion 6B Champion 5A Champion 5B Champion 4B Champion 3A Champion 3B Champion
Carmel Gold Tri West Zionsville Green Hamilton Heights Lapel Carmel Gold Carmel White


Click on picture to enlarge


All tournament games will be played at Carmel High School

Get a minimum of 3 games before the Indy Hoops season starts.

Minimum of 2 pool games and at least 1 bracket play game.



If your team registered for this tournament and your team is not listed contact us ASAP.

indyhoops@sbcglobal.net  or 317-697-5393




League Information 

Game Schedules & Scores 2017-2018 updated 1/29/18 @ 6:05 PM
 Win - Loss Records 2017-2018  updated 1/29/18 @ 6:05 PM
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