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We are only in the second week of the season and we are having unsportsmanlike conduct issues.  It is unacceptable when coaches are confronting officials during and after games in the 3rd - 6th grades.  Parents who are keeping score and running the clock are part of the officiating crew to help manage the games.  They are not to be screaming at the officials or coaching while at the scorers table.  After running this league for the past 19 years, we can state that coaches that are spending all their energy on refereeing instead of coaching are short changing their players.  If you are truly coaching your players at this level, you don't have time to be a side line official too.  When coaches set a bad example, the parents and players follow.  We visit host sites every Sunday.  From this point forward if we witness any coach, parent or player confronting a official or host site director, your team will be removed from the league immediately with no refund and will not play in the league again.  Coaches and parents don't ruin this time for your kids.

Larry Hendren

Indy Hoops, Inc.





   Indy Hoops 

"Pre-Season Hoop It Up"


November 1 & 2, 2014 @ ISSA  Updated on 10/28/14 @ 9:40 AM


Tournament Registration Form


  6A - Brownsburg Purple, Tri West, Perry Meridian, Zionsville Green, Danville Crimson, Fishers Red Miller, Franklin

  6B - Center Grove Hawks, Brownsburg Black, Brownsburg White, Fishers Black, Franklin

  5A - Zionsville Green, Avon Gold, Martinsville, Mooresville Blue, Avon Black, Carmel Gold, Danville

  5B - Brownsburg White, Fishers White, North Putnam, Zionsville 4A Green, Carmel Gold 4A,  Avon White, Franklin 

  4B - Brownsburg Black, Avon Black, Carmel White, Brownsburg 3A Purple

  3B-  Brownsburg 2 Grey, Tri West, Plainfield White, Greenwood


Pool Play Schedule Links Posted 10/28/14 @ 6:00 PM

6A  6B  5A  5B  4B  3B


Bracket Links

6A  6B  5A  5B  4B  3B Updated 11/4/14 9:00 AM


Click on the Pictures to Enlarge


3B Champs

4B Champs


5B Champs



Carmel White


Zionsville 4A




Doors will on Saturday at 8:30 AM and on Sunday at 9:30 AM


All tournament games will be played at Indy South Sports Academy (ISSA).  I-65 & Southport Road







     Indy Hoops  

"Turkey Shoot"


November 29 & 30, 2014 @ ISSA




Tournament Registration Form


  6A - Tri West, Plainfield Red, HSE Blue, Avon Gold, Greencastle, Brownsburg Purple Full

  6B - Speedway, Plainfield White, Avon Black, Tri West, Brownsburg White, Center Grove Black  Full

  5A - Avon Gold, Avon Black, Franklin, Fishers Red, Zionsville 4A Green, Center Grove White, Carmel Blue, Greenwood Full

  5B - Avon White, Franklin, Carmel Gray, Center Grove Black, North Putnam, Lebanon, Brownsburg Black, Plainfield White Full

  4A - Carmel Blue, Center Grove White, Center Grove Red, Avon Gold, Fishers Red, New Palestine    Full

  4B - Carmel Gray, Avon Black, Center Grove Gray, Brownsburg Black, Center Grove Black, Greenwood Full

  3A - Fishers Red, HSE Blue, Greenfield, Greenwood, Carmel White, Tri West Full


6A  6B  5A  5B  4A  4B  3A  Pool Play Schedules

Posted 11/20/14 @ 10:00 AM



6A  6B  5A  5B  4A  4B  3A  Bracket Schedules

Posted 11/20/14 @ 11:00 AM


Coaches and Parents please keep your players and siblings off the courts during breaks in the games.



Admissions: $6/Adult, $4 Students & Senior Citizens, $14 Immediate Family, 6 & under free each day.

Do Not bring drinks into ISSA


The doors will open a half hour before the first scheduled game.


All tournament games will be played at Indy South Sports Academy (ISSA).  I-65 & Southport Road







"Holiday Tournament"


One Day Shootout Sunday December 21st


3 Game Guarantee


Call Greg Mason at 317- 788 - 4772 for information



All tournament games will be played at Indy South Sports Academy (ISSA).  I-65 & Southport Road

ISSA 4150 Kildeer Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46237

Posted 11/11/14 @ 1:45 PM






   Indiana Boys Basketball 

"Holiday Tournament"


December 26th, 27th & 28th, 2014


Tournament Entry Form


Contact Steve Richards at 317-345-9815

Email: steverichards2@aol.com


All tournament games will be played at Carmel High School

Hosted by the Carmel Dad's Club







   Indy Hoops 

"Super Shoot Out"


January 29, 30, 31 & February 1, 2015 @ ISSA Updated on 11/24/14 @ 5:40 PM


Tournament Registration Form


  6A - Tri West, Avon Gold, Brownsburg Purple, Take 3 Teams in 6A

  6B - Center Grove Hawks, Speedway, Avon Black, Tri West, Brownsburg White, Brownsburg Black, Perry Meridian Silver, Avon White 6B is Full

  5A - Hamilton SE Blue, Zionsville Green, Avon Gold, Avon Black, Franklin, Greenwood, Carmel Blue, Center Grove White, Brownsburg Purple, Mooresville Blue  Take 2 Teams in 5A

  5B - Fishers White,  Zville 4A Green, Avon White, HSE Silver, Franklin, Center Grove Black, North Putnam, Lebanon, Zville Silver, Fishers Black, Carmel Gray, Bburg Black, Bburg White   5B is FULL

  4A - Avon Gold, Carmel Blue, Center Grove White, Brownsburg Purple, Plainfield Red, Zionsville Silver 4A is Full

  4B - Carmel Gray, Avon Black, Center Grove Gray, Brownsburg Black, Brownsburg White, Tri West  4B is Full

  3A - Noblesville Black, Franklin, Center Grove White, Brownsburg Purple, Carmel Gold, Zionsville Silver  3A is Full

  3B-  Tri West, Plainfield White, Carmel White, HSE White, Brownsburg White, Brownsburg Black, Brownsburg 2 Gray, North Putnam 3B is Full


No Scheduling Requests for this Tournament!

Due to the number of teams wanting to play the games will start on Thursday January 29th at 6:00 PM.

This will be the largest Super Shoot Out Tournament to date!


This tournament was at capacity last season and teams had to be turned away.  So enter early to secure your teams slot.  

All tournament games will be played at Indy South Sports Academy (ISSA).  I-65 & Southport Road







  Indy Hoops 

2014 - 2015 3rd - 6th Grade Leagues  

Team Registration Form

 League Fee is $325/team plus $100 for Insurance


248 Teams entered as of 10/9/14


Teams entered by Division


Plainfield 9 Teams Decatur Central 8 Teams
Carmel 17 Teams Avon 10 Teams
Hamilton SE 13 Teams Franklin Community 8 Teams
Fishers 10 Teams Noblesville 8 Teams
Perry Meridian 8 Teams Mooresville 10 Teams
Whiteland 9 Teams Greencastle 2 Teams
Brownsburg 13 Teams Indian Creek 4 Teams
Zionsville 14 Teams Hamilton Heights 4 Teams
Greenfield 5 Teams Greenwood 4 Teams
Danville 7 teams Crawfordsville 3 Teams
Cascade 4 Teams North Putnam 2 Team
Tri West 5 Teams Pendleton Heights 2 Teams
Franklin Central 11 Teams SW Shelby 1 Team
Pike 6 Teams Shelbyville 2 Teams
Ben Davis 5 Teams Lebanon 3 Teams
Martinsville 8 Teams North Central 8 Teams
Westfield 8 Teams Speedway 1 Team
Center Grove 13 Teams New Palestine 3 Teams


2014-2015 Game Dates


League Rules 2014-2015


Teams entering Indy Hoops after 8/9/14 will need to contact Indy Hoops for coaches packets.




Indy Hoops


2015 - 7th & 8th Grade Doubleheader League 


The 7th and 8th grade leagues will be limited to 64 teams total.


Team Registration Form





February 8, 2015 Host Sites

Decatur Central HS      ISSA    Hamilton SE HS




February 15, 2015 Host Sites


Decatur Central HS     ISSA    Noblesville HS



February 22, 2015 Host Sites


Decatur Central HS    ISSA    Fishers HS



ISSA is located at the NW Section of the Southport Road - I-65 Interchange.  4150 Kildeer Drive.


Admissions: $5/person or $10/Immediate Family


Teams Playing



7th Grade

8th Grade

Martinsville Martinsville
2 Crawfordsville Crawfordsville
3 Carmel Blue Carmel Blue
4 Carmel Gold Carmel Gold
5 Carmel White Carmel White
6 Fishers Fishers
7 Decatur Central Decatur Central
8 Doe Creek - New Pal Doe Creek - New Pal




League Information 

  Game Schedule & Scores 2014 - 2015   Posted 11/23/14 @ 8:45 PM
  League Win/Loss Record 2014 - 2015  Posted 11/23/14
  Indy Hoops Rules   2014-2015 10/3/14
  League Win/Loss Record 2013 - 2014     
  League Win/Loss Record 2012-2013    
  Indy Hoops Teams 2001-2002
  Indy Hoops Teams 2002 -2003
  Indy Hoops Teams 2003-2004
  Indy Hoops Teams 2004-2005 
  Indy Hoops Teams 2005-2006 
  Indy Hoops Teams 2006 - 2007
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